Port Huron Beaches

by Andrea

Good~ I have found a lot of beach glass on all the beaches during the summer...some days are better then others.

Happy Hunting!

Some notes on Port Huron and sea glass:

Generally, beach glass tends to disappear into the depths of the sand on sandy beachs and/or just doesn't get tumbled and rounded.

What about Port Huron?

Although the beach area appears to be mostly sandy, chances are you'll find something to take home. Why?

The history.

Located at the foot of Lake Huron, Port Huron has a long history behind it.

When we think of sea glass and other beach finds, we want to know how long people have lived in an area; in other words how long may there have been refuse dumped in the shore area.

Well, here the history goes back a long way.

The French built a fort here back in 1686. Wow.

Although it isn't likely that the population grew very much, in 1814 the Americans built Fort Gratiot in this area.

The population continued to increase from that time on.

Is is noteworthy that there also was an Indian Reservation on the site of present-day Port Huron.

The Ojibwa Indian people lived on the reservation on this site until about 1836.

It's also interesting that there was a light tower (similar to a lighthouse) there that was destroyed in a storm as well as a number of ship wrecks in the area.

Given the history of the area, it could definitely turn up some good beach finds as this and other reports indicate.

Notes are by David here at OdysseySeaGlass

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Nov 07, 2010
Port Huron Sea Glass Beaches
by: Chaz

Nice photo! Is there any specific stretch of beach that you would recommend?

I want to go but don't know where to start.

Great lakes sea glass is ... great!

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