Prestonpans, Scotland

by Erin French
(Fallbrook, CA USA)

Prestonpans - The shore

Prestonpans - The shore

Photo courtesy of james denham
~ Prestonpans, Scotland by Erin French
Tiny little beach next to a fish and chips shop on the main drag, with a large outfall pipe.

I found 2 bags full of awesome well-rounded pieces with few if any edges before my then-husband made me leave.

Mostly green, clear, and brown, but some blues and yellows.

I could have spent all day there - the best place for sea glass I have ever been! 

Public beach, easy to find.

The only downside was that the outfall pipe was rather stinky, and we had to wash not only our hands, but also our glass in very hot water and antibacterial soap, just to be safe.

But it was well worth it!

~ Prestonpans, Scotland by Erin French

Note -
Archaelogical diggings at Prestonpans show the existence of potteries as far back as 1750 up to modern times.

There were also some glassworks there in the last 200 years.

These beach must hold some great treasures and we would love to see more photos (see also below).

David and Lin at

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Map of Prestonpans, Scotland area:

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Comments for Prestonpans, Scotland

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Jun 02, 2017
Great! Need more photos...
by: David

Thank you Anonymous and Gem. We would love to have more photos to share with viewers so they know pretty much what to expect.

Thank you so much for helping out.

David and Lin at Odyssey Sea Glass

Jun 01, 2017
by: Gem Simon

We are currently on holiday in Edinburgh and after spending hours googling the best places.

I can confirm Prestonpans is fantastic. I filled half of a carrier bag with sea glass before my son moaned that he was bored.

I could've spent the day there easily!

Jun 21, 2012
It's true - Prestonpans is awash with sea glass
by: Anonymous

I live in Prestonpans and can confirm that there is an abundance of sea glass and pottery along this shoreline (reflecting the town's industrial past).

I have found many amber/brown pieces and one tiny piece of bright red. I'm more than happy to post photos of the beach and my finds.

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