Sea Glass Angel? Atlantic City

by Doris
(Galloway NJ USA)

Front (note stars on robe)

Front (note stars on robe)

~ sea glass identification question submitted by Doris, Galloway, NJ USA

Angelic figure (Greek?) found in Atlantic City surf.

 Any ideas of what era it is from? 

Small angelic figurine, looks to be a cherub with small wings on the back and what looks like a blue halo or laurel on the head. 

The clothing has small stars etched into the front of it. 

The figure is smooth all over and has no sharp edges where it has been broken over time. 

It came in a week or so ago but the tide was coming it fast and deep. 

It went out and would come back but down the beach. After about 3 attempts I did not see it again. 

Today I was down the beach from the first time and it showed up again. 

It came in but the tide was low, so when I missed it (standing out in the surf) it was easier to grab. 

I am so excited but would like to know what it is, what make, year, where was it it good luck or bad luck? 

~ sea glass identification question submitted by Doris, Galloway, NJ USA


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Jul 26, 2014
For identifying other sea glass:
by: David

Collecting Sea Glass
Pure Sea Glass Identification Deck

Jul 24, 2014
Precious Moments
by: Doris

I think that it looks a lot like precious moments also, but I had 4 people searching for me and we can not find any that look like this :(

I am hoping someone has some sort of clue. I even checked nativity sets to see if it was an angel for one of those.

Jul 24, 2014
by: Janet

Honestly this looks like 1970's -ish Precious Moments or something?? Cool though.

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