Sea Glass - Bristol, North Somerset, UK

by Anna Kirsen
(Bristol, UK)

Boha Glass - Art Glass from Bohemia and beyond

Boha Glass - Art Glass from Bohemia and beyond

Sea Glass - Bristol, North Somerset, UK

Boha Glass

'Sunnyside', Blackmoor Road, Abbots Leigh, North Somerset, Bristol, BS8 3RH

Boha Glass is our little online shop selling art glass from across the world.

What We Offer

We sell art glass from a range of glass artists from Poland, Lithuania and Bohemia.

In Poland they find a lot of amber on the beaches and a lot of this ends up in pendants and rings being sold in the markets in Krakow and other fine cities.

About Sea Glass

We have come here as we would be delighted to hear from Sea Glass artists whose work would sit well in our shop.

My husband and I walk the south west coast and find everything from sea glass to prehistoric fossils and beautiful driftwood.

We have a beautiful rockery bejewelled with our finds and my husband has promised to drill a few of the sea glass pieces to hang on the veranda to catch the morning light.


We started the business in 2010 as a way of spending more time immersed in glass and we love all types and mediums of glass working.

Most of our work is hand blown, but we are looking to expand the different types of glass that we sell, hence our visit here today.

Where we live is only a few short miles from the original Nailsea Glass factory and a few miles the other way is the Bristol Blue Glass studio.

Where We Live

We are surrounded by glass and glass artists and the pebbly beaches are only a few miles away too.

We go down there with our children and explore the rock pools and caves.

The frosty-looking sea glass we find includes reds, greens, browns and whites - we are still looking for a little bit of blue.

Please get in touch through our website at and ask for Anna or Barnaby.

We look forward to hearing from budding sea glass artists soon.

Kind regards
Anna and Barnaby Kirsen

Our address: Boha Glass, 'Sunnyside', Blackmoor Road, Abbots Leigh, North Somerset, Bristol, BS8 3RH

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