Sea glass cave

by David
(Delaware USA)

Alexandria Battery Bermuda, St. Georges

Three years ago our visit to the cave was something very special, today however the cave has declined considerably!!!!

What use to provide 16 jewelry grade pieces an hour is now much less.

The cave use to be covered in glass and now it is about one fifth what it was three years ago.

I actually had to convince myself i was in the right spot!!!

I hope and wish people would collect sea glass responsibly not all glass should be removed but left there to mature and have the time to become collectible!!!!

I was so disappointed to see the cave so depleted!!!!!

I heard many stories from local collectors and shop keepers about tourists bragging about nap sacks filled with glass, at this rate see glass cave will not exist in a matter of a few tourist seasons!!!!!!!

Sea glass should be harvested based on nature's completion of the entire process. It's a shame to see such a treasure so abused!!!!!!

Has anyone else witnessed the same thing at sea glass cave??

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Feb 08, 2017
Battery Park
by: Anonymous

Feb 08, 2017 - I too have been to Battery Park in Bermuda. The tide was high so I didn't get to the cave, mostly just took from the pier. Too bad it's being over picked.

Jul 08, 2012
Decline of sea glass in the cave in Bermuda
by: MJK

I too was in the cave three years ago and noticed a decline of sea glass on my latest visit this past June.

You can't post on the internet the fact this place is in the top 5 places in the WORLD to find sea glass and expect it to remain the same.

Interestingly 2/3 of the people I met at the battery were from Maryland, New Jersey or Delaware.

Most didn't even know about the cave-

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