Sea Glass in Alaska?

by Kelly

Sea Glass in Alaska - scroll down for comments

Sea Glass in Alaska - scroll down for comments

Sea Glass in Alaska? Yes!

~ Response submitted by Kelly in Alaska

Working full time, I lack the time required to individually grade, sort, photograph, list, and sell it online.

I am curious if anyone wants to team up and benefit from my beachcombing hobby.

I would like to gather glass, photograph it on white paper, then post it somewhere for sale as a bulk lot that I could ship as such.

This is genuine sea glass that is not altered in any way after I find it!

Many pieces are larger than a quarter and jewelry quality (note quarter placed in center between browns and whites in one shot).

I also have a number of larger pieces and shards that I am looking to sell (see additional photos attached).

I may be reached at:

kelly j warren (at) gmail . c o m   (use @ sign and remove spaces) if anyone is interested.

~ Response submitted by Kelly

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Aug 03, 2017
Anchorage Sea Glass
by: Sherri

I am not aware of any in Anchorage. I have looked at Beluga Pt which is on the Seward Highway coming into Anchorage. There is no Sea Glass There.

I have some from Kotzebue, it is however not "Done" as someone said. Pretty raw.

In a couple weeks I will head to Homer and hopefully will find a good area.

If there is any to be found I will let you know. :-)

Remember to turn your camera on :)

See the Alaska sea glass reports on our page
West Coast USA - Alaska

~ David and Lin @

Oct 16, 2015
by: >>>

Sep 16, 2014
Where to find seaglass on Kodiak Island
by: Jackie

I will be coming to Kodiak next week. Are there any places close to Kodiak proper to hunt for seaglass?

Feb 21, 2013
thanks for the helpful advice!
by: Michele

We're planning a trip to Alaska from Chicago this coming summer.

Melanie, do you happen to know where on Kodiak your in-laws have the best luck finding glass fishing floats?

My husband and I have been up and down the Oregon coast hunting them, but we've never had any luck!

We'd like to give it a shot in Alaska!

We're not looking for hundreds of them in all different sizes--we'd just like to finally find one! :)

Jul 19, 2012
Seldovia, Alaska - Outside Beach
by: Susan

I just returned from a visit to Seldovia and brought back some nice seaglass from Outside Beach.

Apr 16, 2012
Alaskan Beach Glass
by: Melanie

I showed up as anonymous last time, oops!

I love finding glass floats! We find them every so often in Unalaska and brag all summer when we get lucky enough!!

My in-laws in Kodiak have soooo many of all sizes, our are just the small green ones. They're really good at finding them!

I was able to get to one of the best beach glass beach here for the first time in maybe 6 months as we've had a horrible winter that just won't stop!

I got a lot of pretty pieces, just makes me anxious to get out more often!

Apr 16, 2012
Alaskan sea glass
by: Laceypearls

Alaskan sea glass is there, but tough to find.  

Out of Miller's landing in Seward you can take a landing craft to remote islands & beaches.  

One trip I found a fishing net's glass globe- A float- it's by far the coolest thing I've found! It must have floated there ages ago.  You can still see the net marks on it!

Good luck & have fun!

Aug 17, 2011
Sea Glass in Kachemak Bay
by: Nikki

There is absolutely sea glass in Alaska.

I live in Tutka Bay, near Homer.

You just have to look amongst the rocks. It does not stand out as much as against the backdrop of sand...but that makes the hunt that much more rewarding.

So far, I've found a bottle stopper, and many shades of green and turquoise glass, as well as brown, amber, yellow and white.

Also, limpet shells are fun to hunt for, as they come in many different patterns.

Good luck!

Jun 14, 2011
Glass in AK
by: Anonymous

I've looked for sea glass in Wrangell & Petersburg which are little towns near Juneau & Ketchikan.

The problem with the glass in Southeast Alaska is that it's very protected and the waves are sooo weak that you really don't find much "done" beach glass.

I've never looked in Anchorage, although I've been there more times than I could even try to count.

You'll see when you're there.

I've never even been to a beach there. It's mud I think?

We just shop and go to movies and restaurants in ANC :)

Have to go to more rugged places for good sea glass -- Kodiak(where I lived for 28 years and Unalaska/Dutch Harbor where I currently live are GREAT!!

sorry, you'll find some and some of the SE stuff is REALLY old when you do find it.

I once found a perfume stopper and many other cool pieces, but that's hours of looking and digging.

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