Playa Media Luna, Isle Mujeres Mexico - Sea Glass Report

by Holly

Isla Mujeres from the Air

Isla Mujeres from the Air

~ Isla de las Mujeres sea glass report by by Holly in Minnesota, USA

Wed Sep 16 Playa Media Luna - Isla de Mujeres, Mexico - Sea Glass Report

We found two pails full in about 2 hours.

There was much more; however we took only what we wanted.

The north east side of the island is rocky and sea glass can be found all throughout.

The weather was very rainy. We collected between showers.

I am leaving for Cozumel on Sunday and will be there for two weeks.

I am on the hunt for Sea Glass!!! I will be better prepared for photos this round.



Early Comments:

Oct 28, 2009
no sea glass - only garbage!
by: let down in Mexico

We were recently in Mexico and visited Isle mujeres hoping to have luck finding sea glass.

It was a complete bust!

The suggested areas were rocky but only provided garbage,kelp, and sand fleas to dig through.

I think this area is really picked over or didn't have much to begin with. It was such a let down! I wanted to save others from the same experience.

The hunt continues...

Apr 18, 2010
Love Isla and Sea Glass
by: Ede

Have been going to Isla for 15 years - have collected lots of sea glass, but am now serious about doing something with it!

This web site will be helpful grading and understanding rarity of colors - I have a wide assortment!

I'm interested in the latest on best drilling tools for sea glass, as well as safety techniques.

I have also collected "sea pottery and tiles" - concrete backed, smoothed old painted floor tiles, and bits of interesting dishes, etc. that are ceramic pottery with smoothed edges.

I'm also going to attempt to make nightlights - if anyone has any suggestions on the best adhesive to hold the glass together without dulling the glass, or I'm wondering if soldering of some type will be necessary.

Any feedback will be appreciated - especially from another Isla lover! Just got back from a two week trip ---would love to get this sea glass business going so I can justify my trips as a business expense!!! ;<)

Aug 23, 2010
Summer sea glass frustrations.......
by: CKinSF

I am sure that Mexico, as well as any other sea glass beach on this planet, is dependent upon the weather
and tides to bring the glass in.

In San Francisco, where I am located, summer typically stinks when it comes to sea glass hunting.

The same beaches in the winter produce some of the most extraordinary glass ever.

I'm headed to Isla the first week of October 2010. Will report my findings upon my return!
Apr 27, 2011
RE; Our Trip to Isla
by: CkinSF

Just realized that I never got back regarding our visit to Isla Mujeres...busy times in the sea glass world. My apologies for my neglect. :)

We took one of the golf carts and explored much of the coastline, excluding that large preserve, reserve/resort thing on the southern tip.

We had a great time cruising around the island, stopping at the small shops and the Turtle Preserve.

Sea glass was found on pretty much the entire eastern shoreline but we were also battling and walking around on brittle, dry coral that will cut you, easily.

Much of the glass we found was of a craft grade.

It seemed that a lot of the glass we found was the remnant of hurricane destruction from the gutted out hotels that run along the north-western shore.

They are sad dinosaurs to behold.

Lots of beer bottle and wine bottle glass. Not much worth bring home except enuf to build a personal mobile as a momento.

We stayed at the cutest little beachside motel just around the northern tip. Enjoyed it immensely until I was about to shut off the bedside light and found myself staring eye to eye with a huge bedbug (who was immediately moved outdoors and not by me.)

After stripping down and remaking the bed and turning the pillow cases inside out and just about beating the pillows to death, I had a fitful night.

So much for a peaceful sleep...all a part of island life? hmmm.

I did see one silver jewelry merchant who had one sea glass bezel set bracelet stashed in a case amongst 100 various silver bracelets.

The colors were ohso regular and the bezel work was horribly uneven and yet certainly better than I could do. Still, he wanted $185 USD, which I had to refuse with a straight face.

Isla of it to love, parts of it to not love.....don't go expressly for the glass unless you are looking for craft grade, at best.

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Playa Secreto Sea Glass Catch

by Daryl
(Yucatan, Mexico)

Playa Secreto - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Playa Secreto - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

~ sea glass report on Isla Mujeres, Playa Secreto submitted by Daryl in the Yucatan, Mexico

2012 - January 11th, Playa Secreto, Isla Mujeres

This is the 4 best items for playa secreto on isla mujeres Mexico today!

Not bad for a calm day and high tide!



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