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by Catherine Kelly
(Glen Burnie, Maryland)

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Sea Glass - Glen Burnie, Maryland

Sea Glass Visions

Catherine Kelly

Sea Glass Maryland Glen Burnie I am a self-taught sea glass jewelry artist.

I sell my jewelry online through my etsy shop  - and through my facebook page

My jewelry is featured in several consignment shops in Maryland and Vermont

About Sea Glass Visions

I have always had a life long connection to the water, having grown up near the beach.

A sea glassing hobby was a perfect fit as it allows me to enjoy the feel of the sand, the sound of the surf, the smell of the sea and the warmth of the sun.

Creating beautiful jewelry with my beach finds is the proverbial icing on the cake.

While I have always been very artistic and crafty, enjoying a wide variety of hobbies throughout my life, I didn't know I had this talent for design and jewelry making until I started working with sea glass and pottery.

Sea Glass Maryland Glen Burnie

Sea Glass

I use sea glass, pottery and shells found by me near my home by the Chesapeake Bay, as well as those found during my travels up and down the east coast and to the Caribbean.

My desire to create truly quality unique jewelry has led me to seek out sea glass from around the world.

My favorite sea glass comes from England, particularly the region near Seaham Beach.

The quality and colors of this rare sea glass is unlike any other and produces spectacular jewelry.

I also incorporate sea glass and pottery from the West Coast of the US, Hawaii and Scotland.

My Goal

I enjoy challenging myself when designing jewelry and am always seeking to refine and perfect my techniques while always striving to enhance and to honor each piece of glass or pottery.

One of the most important aspects of my jewelry along with originality is quality. I pride myself on the quality of my jewelry.

No piece leaves my work bench until it is perfect.

I believe that sea glass finds us.

Contact Info

My jewelry can be purchased through my etsy shop at
  • or
  • through my facebook page
Please contact me at: seaglassvisions(at)

My jewelry is featured in:
  • The Blue Door at Lake Shore, Pasadena, Maryland
  • Hunter Lea Art Gallery, Ludlow, Vermont
  • Liquid Art Coffeehouse and Gallery, Killington, Vermont


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