Sea Glass Seahorse

by Christine Furze
(York, UK)

Sea Glass Seahorse Craft

Sea Glass Seahorse Craft

~ sea glass crafts by Christine in the United Kingdom

I love making these sea glass seahorses.


~ sea glass crafts by Christine in the United Kingdom


Making seahorses with sea glass seems to be a natural fit.

There are a number of more or less good sea glass seahorse photos on Pinterest and other sites, and Christine's seahorse certainly is a very nice example.

Congratulations on the design, Christine!

David and Lin

Sea Glass Hearts Sea Glass Hearts
"Another truly gorgeous book from Josie for those of us in love with the beach and all its gifts. It makes me long for the summer and warm sand under my feet, and the possibility of finding treasures. I'm inspired all over again with her poetry of words and valentine of jewels!" ~ S. ONEILL

Milford, CT sea glass Where to Find Sea Glass
Three important factors you must know to really get started on finding the best sea glass beach near you.
Sea Glass
Formation of Beach Glass - About Wind and Waves
The body of water where a good beach for glass can be found must have:
Sufficient wave height and Sufficient "fetch." Without wave action to tumble the glass...

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