Seattle, Washington - Echoes Of Summer

by Ned & Dana Havard
(Seattle, Washington)


Seattle, Washington - Echoes Of Summer

Custom Stone and Glass Drilling Services
Sea Glass Beads and Jewelry

Ned & Dana Havard

We do custom drilling of sea glass, beach pottery, natural stone, and glass bottles. We also sell sea glass, hemp jewelry, and drilled sea glass beads for jewelry making.

Nan hard at work...drilling

Trying to drill glass, shells, and stone can be frustrating and time consuming if you use inexpensive drill bits and tools, or have no experience.

It's easy to turn that beach treasure into a broken piece of glass if you do not use the proper methods and lapidary tools.

Avoid wasting time and your unique finds, getting frustrated with the results, and let Ned and Dana do all of the hard work for you. You will be glad you did!

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from returning customers:

"I couldn't be more exciting about this service and the "job well done"!! I'm just thrilled! You pulled off the impossible with my Lucky Sea Bean and the bottles....WOW! Thank you!"

longtimeaglow says:

"Oh my gosh, I am deliriously happy with these. The holes are sooo clean and perfect!

"Have no fear -- your treasures are safe with EchoesofSummer! Thank you, thank you! (Oh, and the service is practically instantaneous)"

The Fascination of Sea Glass

Ned and Dana both grew up near the water, and loved playing on the beach as kids. Dana grew up aboard a
sailboat in the Pacific Northwest, and Ned in California. They both have been collecting sea glass, and other unique beach finds most of their lives.

This hobby grew into a passion that has now become part of everyday business at Echoes of Summer. 

Ned and Dana both have a background in the marine industry, and have been lucky to live near and visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Sea Glass Designs and Services
  • All of the sea glass at Echoes Of Summer is genuine surf tumbled salt water glass or beach pottery.

  • Every piece is rinsed in hot fresh water to sanitize for wearing and handling.

  • There are a range of pieces and qualities to choose from crafting sea glass to jewelry grade.

  • Dana can attach your sea glass piece to a macrame bracelet or necklace to wear, or simply alter the piece for you to use in crafting your own unique item.

seattle washington sea glass directory


4541 NE 55th St.

Seattle, WA, USA  98105

seattle washington sea glass directory echoes


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Contact Information:

Ned & Dana Havard

4541 NE 55th St.

Seattle, WA, USA  98105

Echoes of Summer - Seattle, Washington

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