*Secret* Beaches and those who claim them. . .

by Anna
(San Francisco, CA)

From experience, I can tell you that the majority of people who are against telling others the whereabouts of their *secret beaches* are those making a profit off their sea glass and don't like competition.

I have seen hostility on the beaches, at shows and online and it saddens me that people can be so selfish.

I have seen women from across the ocean chastise those thousands of miles away (online) for divulging ANY sea glass location!

I spend a fair amount of time traveling world-wide in search of treasures to bring my customers and I am always amazed at the lack of hospitality shown me by those supposed business people who claim to "love and respect" the ocean and it's bounty.

Sadly, they give us all a bad reputation.

California Beaches:

Best Central California Beaches for Sea Glass
West Beach near the Harbor...Hendrey's beach (Arroyo Burro)...Butterfly Beach and The Hammonds (see details)...Summerland Beach...Carpinteria Beach (near Arroyo Grande)?

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Comments for *Secret* Beaches and those who claim them. . .

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Jan 05, 2013
Sacred Grounds
by: JoJo

i can totallY agree....BUT...AFTER READING ...I AGREE..it is TOTALLY AWESOME GLASS,ETC....here in Mobile Al...reeaalllllyyyyy!!!please what ever you do when you come down to my/our hospitality.... PLEASE DO NOT let 1 bad apple spoil the whole BUNCH PLEASE!!! we have had sooooo many places taken away because, of 1 ASSHOLE. we cant enjoy peace and serenity anywhere anymore..please respect Mother Nature>PLEASE...stop dissin ma..notice the SIN in that?? but please if you have an ounce of respect come and enjoy our natural beauty and bounty..all the hurricanes weve had, have presented an amazing story and life for anyone whom respects what God has given us to enjoy...capture...and remember...DOG RIVER,ALABAMA...DAMN THE TORPEDOES...FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! River Rats and all our companions from Hippie Beach ...and remember even a horrible act such as a hurricane, has BEAUTY IN IT ...January 6th, 2013.JPAM.

Oct 21, 2012
by: Vivian


I just posted on another page where some guy said "I wont tell you where I go though".

WTH? If I go there one DAY it ruins his seaglass hunting for LIFE?

I dont get it. If its a good beach then there is new glass every day.

And its not like we are all MOVING to his local beach.

IF we go it will probably only be for a day!

Jan 25, 2012
I understand
by: Donna

I also have seen people be very rude on the beach when I am out collecting.

But I just tell them I am only meant to have what I find.

I am not a threat.

I love looking for it and will not stop or let anyone bother me. It is a joy for me.

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