St Combs Beach, Aberdeenshire - Sea Glass Report

by Rachael Taylor
(Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

St. Combs Beach Sunrise

St. Combs Beach Sunrise

~Photo by Ken Pickering

Lots and lots of sea glass to be found on this beach, more than any others in the area. Most of it clear or green but some brown, yellow, blue and occasionally some rare colours.

I'd rate it as excellent.

Added by David at OdysseySeaGlass

We thank all for their contributions to the sea glass beach reports.

However, if everyone could please note that the instructions are to rate the beach according to how many Jewelry Grade pieces of sea glass can be smileyfound in an hour.

Just stating that a beach has a lot of good sea glass is not specific enough for an accurate sea glass beach report.

Remember that some may decide to schedule their vacation based on a report. If they expect the beach to be excellent, that means they rightly expect to find a lot of jewelry grade sea glass.

We wouldn't want them to be disappointed.

To see if your beach has jewelry quality sea glass, see Grading Sea Glass.

Keep the reports coming and it's great to hear from Scotland!

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