Texas Gulf Coast

Sea Glass High Island Texas

Sea Glass High Island Texas

~ question about Texas Gulf Coast sea glass submitted by Anonymous

Question: Are there any good sea glass beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast?

Thank you for submitting this question.

If you go to our page US Beaches - Gulf Coast page, you will see that there are a number of beaches listed.

The one that seems to be most reliable is High Island, Texas, with several photos from seaglassers there.

Sea glass has been found on other Texas gulf coast beaches; for example, Galveston's Bolivar Peninsula.

On June 6, 2017, Teri from Port Bolivar sent in this photo:

Port Bolivar Texas sea glass
Port Bolivar, Texas - A weeks worth of treasures

Also reports have mentioned West Beach and Port Arthur as well as Corpus Christi, Crystal Beach or South Padre Island.

However, it's hard to say what you will find without photos of the sea glass from those beaches.

In other words, you can find sea glass at these beaches but how much can you expect to find on an average day?  Or is it well worn and tumbled?

We would love to have some more reports on beaches in Texas. Go to Sea Glass Beach Reports and follow the easy instructions to add your report or observations.
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Remember to take your camera to get those on-the-spot sea glass photos.

When you have the chance to go looking for sea glass at one of the above beaches or another Texas gulf beach, time yourself and give us a report (with a photo if possible) when you get back!

Have a great time and happy hunting.

~ David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass.com

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Sep 05, 2021
Joy sands hotel Crystal Beach, TX is place that burned several yrs back…
by: Anonymous

Joy sands hotel Crystal Beach, TX is place that burned several yrs back…Then rebuilt. It was located on S. Jacks are where we had a beach house (before Ike). Hotel is called something else now.

Oct 13, 2018
Black sea glass
by: Yvette Alfrey

I found a black chunk of thick glass.. A bottle neck on the west end of galveston island today.. Not sure how to upload pictures

May 04, 2018
Hotel that burned?
by: MonicaLaneStudio

My parents were on the beach in Quintana, Txand talked to a lady that was sea glass hunting.

She said her next place to look was a place where a hotel had burned years ago, evidently by the water.

Does anyone have any thoughts on where this might be?

Might have some interesting stuff!

Mar 29, 2018
No wave action?
by: Anonymous

I'm looking at a map and apparently Corpus Christi is totally landlocked so beach glass there would be pretty raw and not very tumbled?

Mar 27, 2018
Texas Coast Sea Glass
by: Tere

Ropes park in Corpus Christi is one of the best places I have found to collect sea glass. I can take a full can full home every time I go.

Dec 31, 2016
Texas City Dike
by: Sandra

David!! I just moved away from Clear Lake, TX. , to Colorado. I love it here, but miss collecting like CRAZY!!!!

I went to the Texas City Dike, DAILY, after work.

I found amazing glass when I was there. From bottle stoppers, marbles, glass buttons, glass beads, strange small DEEP VIOLET PURPLE (!!) disks w/ a hole, that may be a type of spout for a liquid. Reds, pinks, lavender, 1 orange!!! Yellow- one a vibrant yellow, blues of all shades, grays, blacks.

It's a phenomenal place to hunt. The Dike is right by the Houston ship channel and every so often big waves will surprise you while you're engrossed in the hunt! You have to look past the newer, thinner frosted pieces to find the better, thicker pieces it's hard not to pick everything up- there are amazing finds.

Oh! I also found a tiny medicine (?) bottle AND an arrowhead!! Truly a fun place to look. Tons! No joke! Tons of glass and pottery.

Oct 23, 2016

Oct 23, 2016

We were on the beach in Bolivar today for about 5 hours and came home with almost 100 pieces of glass from pinky nail size to silver dollar. Mostly clear and brown but a few green mixed in.

I bet we only walked a few hundred yards either way from the car so no long walking involved.

Apr 17, 2016
Bolivar Peninsula Glass
by: Joanie R

My sea glass loving friend and I did a spring break trip along the Texas coast from Port Arthur to Port Aransas. Found the best glass on the Bolivar Peninsula around the High Island area. Also saw a rattlesnake in the ferry parking lot - be careful!

Jan 04, 2016
High Island Tips
by: Anonymous

Daughter has a competition in Galveston next weekend so we were planning to head to High Island after to look for sea glass...anyone have any tips about where/which beach to find sea glass?

Sep 27, 2012
High Island, Tx. report
by: Kay Carruth

Always find HUNDREDS of pieces of the most common colors of clear, green & brown but of craft grade.

On my last trip 2 wks. ago, I found a BEAUTIFUL, rounded cobalt blue!!

I thought I was seeing things!

Of the 4 yrs. that I have been going there, I've only found 4 pieces of jewelry grade (round like a marble), so these are pretty rare finds.

The only things that I've never found are a bottle stopper or a fishing float...maybe one day!!

Sep 27, 2012
Bolivar Peninsula
by: Dawne

We were on Bolivar Peninsula in June.

We found lots of sea glass on the paid jetta area where everyone goes to fish!

The grade varied but we found at least half a dozen jewelry grade pieces in an hour just within the 30 yards or so that we searched.

We found white, green, blue and amber colors...as well as a little red piece.

We just happened to find it, did not go out there to collect sea glass...but now I have a new passion!

Aug 15, 2010
Rollover Pass Sea Glass
by: Charlotte

I have been going to Rollover Pass for years and finding Sea Glass.Not much pink but find mostly green and clear.The ones I find are craft quality,flat smooth and frosted.

Jun 07, 2010
High Island sea glass
by: Kay Carruth

I have been to High Island 3 times in the last 10 months. The latest was last week, June 4-6. I found 2 pieces of blue!!! I was elated!!! Just wish I lived closer...I'm 4 hrs. away.....

Oct 14, 2009
Texas Sea Glass
by: David (editor)

Just checking in to see if you were able to find any sea glass on the gulf coast in Texas. We have had very few reports, yet I would suspect that there are a few good sea glass beaches on the Texas Gulf coast.

Let us know if you've turned up anything.


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