Toronto Trip Treasures

by Ann Kozma
(Novi, MI USA)

Red glass and a marble

Red glass and a marble

My husband and I went to Toronto (Ontario Canada) to visit our son after Christmas.

We had some time on the morning of 12/27/19 to go to the beach so we drove to Humber Bay Park.

I read on Odyssey beach reports the west beaches might be a good place to find beach glass so we took a chance.

The weather was mild (overcast and near 50 degrees F) and calm. The beach was rocky but easy to walk and we soon found more glass than we had time to collect!

We were there about 1 hour and I found my first piece of red and my husband found a marble. We picked up about 3 cups of glass; green, white, brown and shades of blue, including cobalt, teal and sea foam.

We went back on 12/29/19 as we were headed home but the weather wasn't good. Strong northeast winds, drizzle and big waves on Lake Ontario made it challenging.

I started collecting beach glass in 2019 on the south shores of Lake Erie (Ohio) and west shores of Lake Huron (Michigan). We definitely will go back to Humber Bay on our next visit to Toronto!

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