Tumbled to Treasure - Seaglass

by karen c. davis-solomon
(Bakersfield, CA, USA)


I remain amazed at this wonderful world we live in and God’s ability to teach us when we least expect it. Even seaglass can be used to teach a lesson. Put upon my heart while collecting these “gems”, I became aware of the comparison between us, our lives and seaglass.

The simplest lesson first is a reminder of diversity. Just as seaglass comes in many shapes, sizes and colors...so do we. Seaglass becomes this treasure through tumbling. Life is always sending obstacles our way. These “tumblings” shape us and strengthen our faith. Now, there are a few pieces that make it ashore still rough and sharp around the edges. Unfortunately, it’s the same with those hearts that have hardened...choosing to hold onto bitterness.

While choosing my favorites or the “perfect piece”, I am gently urged to recall the many times in life that I’ve done so with others...quick to judge or label. Tumblings have worn away or smoothed these labels so we are finally content to just accept ourselves and others for what is now and not what we or they may have done or been in the past.

Markings and labels are still evident on some pieces of seaglass, making the origin obvious. Or is it really so obvious? Just as we are all creations of God before the world gets a hold of us, seaglass also begins as a creation. Man takes sand and heats it, molds it, creating something. Then he casts it away as trash. So does life take us, tumble us around and cast us off.

But we find comfort in the promise that God reclaims His creation. He watches over our tumblings, using them to mold His masterpiece.

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Jan 06, 2016
Thank you
by: karen

Thank you for kind compliments! I never knew any of these comments were posted..please forgive me for not replying! Please do use for any purpose to share with my most humble appreciation.

May 14, 2015
Sea glasscomparison
by: Norman

I really like that comparison you made between sea glass and life.

It is quite true that we can find the hardships we come across in our life similar to the sea glass we find in beaches which can be harmful if not given care.

Aug 17, 2010
Tumbled Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

So beautiful - thank you for sharing. I hope its okay if I read this to the ladies at our church Circle Meeting. I'm going to be teaching the ladies how to wrap sea glass. I'd like to read this to them first and I will certainly give you the credit and let them know your name and where you live.

Aug 16, 2010
by: Rev. Jinny Bishop

WOW! I am a minister and often use sea glass as part of a ritual. May I have your permission to use your wording just as it is. I am so incredibly moved...........

Rev. Jinny Bishop

Aug 13, 2010
by: Kay


WOW!!! This really touched my heart..never thought about sea glass like this, but it is so true.

I'm going to read this to my Sunday School class this Sunday.

Thank you for such an inspiring commentary.

Aug 13, 2010
tumbled to treasure
by: Mona

I love this and will never look at seaglass quite the same again. Thank you for your inspiration.

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