Unusual Sea Glass with gold/orange "Inner Glow"

by Tania
(Victoria, Australia)

I found this little nugget on Lorne Beach in Victoria, Australia.

Initially I thought it was just a chunk of brown and grabbed it because of its unusual shape.

Upon inspecting it later I noticed, in the light, it gave off beautiful colors of gold, orange and even a lime green on certain angles.

I am curious why it does this, has anyone else seen anything like it? Someone suggested it might have air bubbles in it near the surface.

I also found that a few other pieces, that I picked up from the same area, also had this effect to a smaller degree (I have included one in the attached photos).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Comments for Unusual Sea Glass with gold/orange "Inner Glow"

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May 23, 2016
by: Jane

That's a lovely find. Beach glass is special isn't it. A sculpture made by nature out of our waste.

Apr 21, 2016
Unusual Sea Glass
by: Adele Price

What a lovely and unusual find. Never come across anything like this.

Apr 20, 2016
Inner glow
by: Saundra in quebec

Picked up similar glass piece on lake shore while on vacation in Gaspesie region although not surf-tumbled - might be bonfire glass or campfire sea glass

Click or tap photo for more about colors

sea glass colors and rare beaches

Apr 20, 2016
Nice, nice!
by: David and Lin - OdysseySeaGlass

Amazing! We've never seen anything like this

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