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Florida Sea Glass Directory

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  • All of the Florida artists, galleries, businesses, and jewelers in our searchable,worldwide sea glass directory are listed below in alphabetical order by city.
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Sebastian, FL

By The Sea Jewelry

POB 780997
Sebastian, Fl. 32978-0997
Phone 772-581-0463
Palm Coast, FL

palm coast florida sea glassSheSeadances

7 Ripley Place - Palm Coast
Florida - USA
Dunedin, Florida

Florida Shells and Gifts
P.O.Box 1772
DUNEDIN, FL 34697 
(727) 489 8454
Key West, FL

Nature's Treasures
201 William St Ste 110
Key West, FL 33040-6695
(305) 295-0074

Crystal River, FL

Cat Z's Coastal Living
430 N. E. 3rd Street, Suite #1
Crystal River, FL  34429
phone 352.563.2289 
Key West, FL

Key West Treasure Chest
700 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 293-8008
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About Florida and Sea Glass:

Florida is a beautiful state, especially in the cooler parts of the year. Its beaches are famous for being long and sandy and just great for folks of any age.

Unfortunately, long sandy beaches are just not the best places to find Florida sea glass. What is there gets buried under tons of sand. That makes it hard to find. It also protects it from the sun and waves, so it doesn't get much tumbling or frosted surface to it.

If a shard of glass does become uncovered, chances are that it is not very worn down, ie, tumbled and rounded. In spite of there being plenty of constant wave action the glass just isn't exposed for long periods of time to those actions.

Reports from our viewers who live or visit Florida just reinforce the above facts.

Talking about Florida sea glass, one report said in part, "St Pete Beach Florida...they were not high quality..," and "One was thick, clear and had lettering. The edges were smooth, but it was not well frosted nor round. A week later, I found a brown piece with ridges -it was much thinner than the white piece, so probably a newer beer bottle. The edges were smooth, but it was also not frosted nor round." So, they were few and far between and not very tumbled.

Another beach fan said of the Palm Coast/Cinnamon Beach area that they had found 50 pieces. However, there were no photos and the condition (whether frosted and rounded or not) of the glass was not described. Comments followed that report, one saying that they found not even a chip and another stating of a nearby beach that she had only found 2 pieces in six months.

Reports from Satellite Beach were varied. One viewer stated there was a lot if you looked for it but did not say what condition. Others stated a few pieces were found, some thrown back, and none of the reports included photos or descriptions of the state of the glass.

Sea glass enthusiast Denise Ross from South Florida's Palm Beach area writes,

"I grew up combing the beaches of Nova Scotia and sea glass was very common. I've lived in South Florida for the last 18 years and finding sea glass has taken on a whole new meaning.

"I've read on some blogs that sea glass in Florida is considered uncommon. However, just today I had one of my biggest hauls on Palm Beach, 36 pieces. Just wanted to share this information with you. I can provide pictures if you like.

"Enjoy your site, keep up the great work!"

Denise included the following nice photos of the sea glass she found in one day's hunt on Palm Beach, Florida:

palm beach south florida sea glass

What do you think? More to the point, do you think its worth it going to Florida even if you don't find a lot of great sea glass?

Do you love where you live? Write about your Florida sea glass or beach glass and what we can expect when we visit!
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This free directory page sponsored by:

florida sea glass

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