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Sea Glass Seaside - Sand City - Fort Ord California

Seaside Beach is located just north of the city of Monterey on the Monterey Bay in Northern California, USA.

This stretch of beach is also fronts Sand City and parts of Fort Ord and Marina, so you may find this beach area called by those names also.

Here are some of the many photos from Seaside. You'll find links to these reports farther down this page.

California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass
California Sea Glass

How to Get to Seaside, California

Here is a map showing a close view of the area of Seaside.

You can see where to park and get to the beach.
map fof sea side sand city sea glass beach

To find further directions, search Google for "Seaside California map" and go to the driving instructions.

About the Sea Glass

You will find sea glass along the Monterey Bay coastline from Seaside to Sand City for at least the next 100 years. Why?

The dunes above the beach area are full of glass from a huge old dumpsite and are eroding slowly into the sea. This ongoing process of erosion from rain and waves will gradually be depositing new glass into the surf line.

On one hand much of the glass you'll find is not very tumbled. That is from recent erosion.

On the other hand, occasional pieces are well-tumbled and very rare and, with a lot of time searching, some have found real prize-winners here.

Best Time of the Day

To find good sea glass, you MUST go at very low tide and walk north as shown in the map.

The person with arguably the most experience and a large collection from this beach is James Hailey (see links to his reports below).

Origin of Seaside Sea Glass

There has been some discussion about where this huge glass dump originated. The following comment by a local resident is an example.

sea glass colors line

"Vintage glass and Pottery on Seaside CA beach"

by: Anonymous - Aug 19, 2013


It is estimated nearly 90% of the seaglass found here at Seaside Beach was from the Hotel Del Monte which used a portion of the beach side site as a burn dump from the early 1900s until it closed.

Much of it has been turned over due to the beach restoration and dune erosion  but there are still some finds and you can occasionally still find crockery shards with the hotel logo.

Also, the dump site was used by the old 1949s Fort Ord Stilwell Hall.

-- Local Seaside Resident

sea glass colors line

Our Response

Hi Local Seaside Resident,

You live in a very special and unusual spot for sea glass! You have provided some very interesting information and Lin and I thank you for including it.

We would love to get some more corroborating information; for example, you mention the figure of 90% of the glass being from the Hotel Del Monte?

Do you have a reference source for that?

From what I've seen, I would assume that most of the glass came from Fort Ord itself.

At it's peak, there were 50,000 men stationed there.
phone caricature man
The stretch of dunes that is literally filled with glass is on the old Fort Ord beachfront property (donated to the army in 1949) stretching between Sand City and Marina.

It would seem logical that the trash that was dumped on army grounds from 1949 until ??? would have been by the army and not by a private hotel.

But then again, this is just presumption on my part :-)

Any information with some references would really add to this history.

Thanks again for adding local color to this interesting subject,

~ comment by David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass.com

Check out these reports with many photos of the finds at Seaside Glass Beach:

Here are reports without photos:

May 06, 2017
by: Linda

Found a few pieces of sea glass from Seaside Beach in Monterey California.

They were mostly white, some aqua, some brown, one very small green and one cobalt blue with ridges.

They do advertise you may find sea glass treasure. If you go at low tide, you will find some.

You have to have patience. Otherwise the area is beautiful and the weather was great.

Nov 19, 2016
Sea glass heaven
by: Anonymous

Spent an hour and half and took away a pint size bag full. You've got to go past the dunes and look at the waters edge or in the rocks.

Found blue and China pieces.

sand_castle_inn_seaside_sea_glass Sand Castle Inn Seaside, California

Located in Seaside, the Sand Castle Inn is just two blocks from the scenic Monterey Bay...and sea glass!

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Jan 19, 2015
Seaside seaglass hunt -
by: Pgirl50

I went to Seaside beach today during a negative low tide, had a great day.

There were several experienced hunters there with their special strainers on poles.

I saw people find pieces of all shades of blue, deep red, bottle stoppers all sorts of old glass.

I found mostly brown and green beer bottle glass but I did find on special piece of pink and tiny piece of purple.

I think I've found my new obsession.

Word of warning - watch those waves, I got knocked down by a sneaker wave, I was going after a pretty piece of blue and got careless.

Jun 28, 2014
No Luck
by: Anonymous

Visited this beach after reading it about it here on this website.

Well, I think everyone else read about it too and beat me to it.

I walked for a couple of hours north and south and I didn't find one piece!!

I looked in the water and up high.

I met a local girl hunting too and she was surprised that she couldn't find any either.

She said that beach was well known for sea glass and had good luck in the past.

May 06, 2013
Turn right
by: Terri

We were there the 16th of April and the 20th of April 2013.

The first day we went we turned left from the parking lot and walked a long ways.

We found a ton of glass but it was likely from the beach parties in the past several months.

The second time we went we turned right on the beach.

In 2 hours my husband and I found combined 2 pounds of glass...averaging the size of a penny....jewelry grade.

By far white was most prominent then green then blue. We found plenty on the beach but also had the luxury of kids going in with large sifter and dumping it on the beach.

They didn't want most of it so voila.

We were there within an hour of low tide.

Fun day; lots of glasses out there.

Oct 07, 2012
Seaside Beach
by: Connie

I just went to Seaside yesterday and found lots of sea glass including blue!

You can walk along the shore and collect the small pieces but to get the good stuff you have to wade in the water.

It was fun!

sand_castle_inn_seaside_sea_glass Sand Castle Inn Seaside, California

Located in Seaside, the Sand Castle Inn is just two blocks from the scenic Monterey Bay...and sea glass!

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Jun 20, 2010
Seaside Beach in Monterey, Rough Conditions
by: Anonymous

I went to Seaside Beach on Monday, June 14th,on the advice of internet article saying it was a great beach for seaglass.

I checked the tide schedule and the low tide was at around 6am, we got to the beach at 10am.

I was shocked when I got there- a bunch of cliffs! I could not take my children due to the major surf and almost inaccessibility down to the beach- I left them in the car with my friend while I HIKED down the cliff side.

Very rough surf and strong tide.. I spent only about 20 minutes there but did find large pieces of glass- mostly clear, one milk white and one light blue- I was happy with the size of the seaglass most about 1/2 inch to 1 inch but it was not easy to find- maybe if you got into the strong and scary surf with a bucket of sorts ??

I could see that it was an old dump so I'm sure there are treasures but I didn't get to explore enough.

Just be careful there - oh and there were lots of dead crabs, bugs and Jellyfish on the shore.

sea glass colors line

Thank you for this good reminder, Anon!

Everyone should check conditions in the area they are going to for high waves and tides.

Usually, the best time to get to the beach is an hour or two before low tide.

To check on the wave heights and tides, you might try a tide and surf report site online.

My favorite is http://www.tides4fishing.com/. Go ahead and bookmark that site now. You can use it to look up tides and wave heights anywhere in the world.

Other beaches may be much more protected than Seaside with no waves at all, (surfing spots generally face the open ocean and have larger waves), but it is always better to know beforehand what you may encounter.

Try using Tides4Fishing and let us know if you have any problems with understanding the information.

~ David and Lin (Odyssey Sea Glass)

Help - we need more sea glass reports for this beach


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