2016 01 21 Huanchaco Beach Peru Sea Glass Catch

by David and Lin - OdysseySeaGlass
(Huanchaco, Peru)

Catch of the Day - Sea Glass Colors

Catch of the Day - Sea Glass Colors

Lin and I made it to the beach today. It's summer here in Peru.
Huanchaco Beach Peru
The weather is 75 degrees but with the humidity it feels like 80 degrees.
Huanchaco Beach Peru
The warm but not-too-hot weather made our 2-hour hike very agreeable.
Huanchaco Beach Peru
Actually, to call it a hike isn't really appropriate. From our house is 5 minutes to the beach and then from there we start looking.
Huanchaco Beach Peru
When the beach is mostly pebbles and sand we never do what you would call hiking. Instead, we are doing the sea glass two-step (stoop and shuffle) and don't get the exercise we always are meaning to get.
Huanchaco Beach Peru
Although there was less glass today then we would expect here with the good sand-to-pebbles ratio, it was definitely rewarding as you can see, especially the white with red that Lin found (what is it?) and the very big blue with navy blue inside.
Huanchaco Beach Peru Red and white sea glass

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Jan 22, 2016
Peru glass
by: Adele Price

Absolutely fantastic pieces and so perfect - great finds...


Thanks Adele,

Let us know when you're coming...



David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass.com

Jan 22, 2016
by: Karen C.

Lin and David,

All I can say besides my "Title Comment of YOU LUCKY DAWGS" is, how BEAUTIFUL these pieces are, and what I wouldn't give to find those kind of pieces here on the NC & VA shores of the USA!

We actually have a really bad Nor Easter storm moving in tonight here in NC...

Firstly, I hope and pray for all of us in all of the affected areas to have safety, power, and food, and beaches left to even walk on, but

Secondly, that some great sea glass will come rolling in on some of our favorite places to hunt after these storms pass through over the next 3-5 days.

Anyone please feel free to comment on likelihood of an increase in rarity, colors, etc...happening on beaches after a Nor'easter.

Best and Happy Hunting,
Karen C.


Hi Karen,

We thought you said lucky dogs and were a little dismayed... but then realized it was "dawgs" so felt much, much better. Hah! LOL

Lin's mother is in Maryland on the Chesapeake and says they forecast 1-1/2 to 2 feet of snow - very rare for that area!

As far as North Carolina's sea glass after a nor'easter, we can't say. We did live in North Carolina for four years but unfortunately far from the beach near Charlotte.

Let us know what effects the storm has and please send in some photos.


David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass.com

Jan 21, 2016
by: Dianne

What a wonderful day for a beach walk. Today's treasures you found are beautiful!

I really enjoy seeing other peoples finds!


Hello Dianne,

Thanks for the comment.

Although we thought there might be sea glass here before we moved in 2014, we were pleasantly surprised. As you can imagine LOL

But whereever you are, the joy is in the...

Happy Hunting,

David and Lin at OdysseySeaGlass.com

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