5.18.18 Beautiful large marbles.

by Jolie

Beautiful large marbles.

Beautiful large marbles.

Found today at Glass Beach Port Townsend Wa.

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Jul 03, 2018
Hit or miss
by: Jolie

I have been several times and believe it's a hit or miss. Port Townsend is my go to sea glass treasure hunt and any day is a good day if I find something. :). The walk clears my mind and the scenery is beautiful! It's always worth the 2plus hour drive.

As for the curing, I felt that too, as if they were newer however the large marbles are of a different glass so maybe that's the case?

Jun 28, 2018
by: Elea

July 2018

The large marbles look new.

So many of us that go to Glass Beach on a regular basis find the beach glass finds require more work to acquire.

I know people who bring new glass to leave for future generations to find.

Perhaps these large marbles need to "cook/cure" some more?

Jun 28, 2018
Glass Beach
by: Anonymous

Congratulations on the marbles!

I was there a few months ago (low tide)and was pretty disappointed to find after such a long walk, just very tiny pieces of glass.

Is that usually the case or is hit or miss, depending on the weather and tide?

I would like to go again someday.

Thanks in advance for any advice on Glass Beach.

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