7/10/2011 Silver Sands, Milford, CT Sea Glass

by Adam

Our first time at this beach and we loved it. 

Plenty of sea glass found on the sandbar although many of the larger pieces needed to be thrown back to complete their process. 

Mostly brown, clear and green.

Found only 1 piece of blue that was the largest i have ever found, despite it probably needing more washing, i just couldn't throw it back. 

Along the shoreline you will find smaller pieces well washed of near jewelry quality.

Map of Silver Strands:

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Added Info:

Silver Sands State Park is in Milford, Connecticut, along the north shore of the Long Island Sound.

It is effectively blocked from open ocean swells by Long Island but there is some small wave action when wind blows down the sound from the northeast.

The waves caused by such a wind direction do not face the beach, and for that reason there is much less wave action than would be hoped to tumble the glass shards and turn them into nicely-rounded and frosted sea glass.

For that reason, as stated in this report and seen in the accompanying photo, the glass found in this region is usually not well tumbled.

On the other hand, the fact that some glass has been there for centuries would indicate that there should be a few pieces that have been around long enough to be jewelry grade.

If it weren't for the lack of wave action, this beach would be perfect for sea glass. The lowland near the beach was used at one time as a landfill, and old cottages nearby were destroyed in a hurricane, both of which must have left a good quantity of glass on the site.

Add to this rumors of buried treasure on the semi-attached Charles Island and the favorable gravel beach, and you can see why it would be an exciting beach to comb.

~ Added by David Schneider, Odyssey

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Walnut Beach, Milford, Connecticut

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