9/3/2012 Perkins Beach, Cleveland, Ohio beach glass catch

by Sharlene
(Cleveland, Ohio)

9/3/2012 Perkins Beach, Cleveland, Ohio beach glass...my first catch!

9/3/2012 Perkins Beach, Cleveland, Ohio beach glass...my first catch!

~ Sea Glass Catch of the Day submitted by Sharlene - Cleveland, Ohio

9/3/2012 Perkins Beach, Cleveland, Ohio beach glass!

Map of Perkins Beach area of Cleveland:

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May 18, 2017
Re: Lake glass after storm?
by: Carmen

Yes, after a storm is the best time, the waves usually get pretty big so it stirs things up & brings glass up. Same when freighters come in - lots of glass mixed in with the coal they drop. I have gone in the winter, but if you're from around here you'll know the wind is BITTER cold on the lake and also the rocks, glass & sand will all just be frozen/fused together. Very hard to find anything.


May 18, 2017
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by: David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

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May 18, 2017
Whiskey Island, Cleveland, Ohio
by: Carmen

Whiskey Island - Cleveland, Ohio

I have come home with so much glass that my bag is about to break and my pockets are full! I find a lot of tops of old Coke bottles, pottery and what I think may be old windows? (The glass has chicken wire embedded in it) A lot of your typical browns & greens but I have found small pieces of red & blue.

Best time is right after a storm or a freighter has gone through and the water is stirred up. Early mornings I seem to have the best luck.

Dogs are allowed, it is not a swimming beach for humans though. It's mostly a non-motorized boat launch because Edgewater Beach is directly to the west of it, so you'll see a lot of paddle boarders, kayakers and canoes.

Plenty of parking, and other parts of the island to explore like an old Coast Guard Station & small trails. There are port-o-potties, vollyball pits and a small bar that's open in the summer you can bring your own food to! The bar is very popular on the weekend nights in nice weather. Also has great views of Cleveland, bring your camera!

Feb 14, 2013
Lake glass after storm?
by: Audie

Just a question - did you find these pieces of beach glass after a storm? When do you suggest going - like winter or summer? Thanks!

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