Akaroa - French Bay and Glen Bay

by Sue
(Queensland Australia)

Akaroa Sea Glass

Akaroa Sea Glass

French Bay and Glen Bay (Akaroa) Head of Bay (Duvauchelle)

Near Akaroa and Duvauchelle

South Island, New Zealand

I went out for a few hours and collected almost 1kg of glass. It was everywhere, a very exciting find!

Pieces were frosted and oddly shaped, smooth but not round ornery uniform shapes.

Some were also more aged and not so frosted, newer pieces i guess.

A huge array of colours as well. One blue piece, one purple one yellow and the rest a nice mix of brown and green.

Most of the glass was found in Akaroa and then Duvauchelle, also I stopped at various small bays in between and found glass at every beach.

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Jan 15, 2019
Awesome picking
by: Beth C.

That is a fantastic find, I am exploring beaches at the other end of New Zealand and work hard to find good pickings.

Jan 15, 2019
Sea glass Akaroa
by: Jennice

That is so exciting. I wish I could be there.

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