by Angela
(Port Orchard, Washington)

About Me

I am a Washington State native and have been living in Port Orchard since 2007.

Sea Glass

I found my first sea glass pieces on a Puget Sound beach in winter of 2008 and have been hooked ever since! 


Although someday I hope to travel to lots of exotic places with plenty of shoreline, the various beaches along Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan de Fuca will always be my "first love."

Map of the Strait of San Juan de Fuca:

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Added Info:

The Strait of Juan de Fuca is the waterway between the State of Washington, USA, and Vancouver Island, Canada.

The name does not represent any personage in the history of this body of water. Rather, it was named after a legendary Greek captain of ancient history who likely never even dreamed that the Americas existed.

The fur traders plying the rich fur-bearing territories in the Northwest Pacific were the first Europeans to frequent this waterway and the various islands and passages within it followed by various trades, including fishing and lumbering.

Lin and I (Odyssey Sea Glass Executives) just outside of Port Angeles overlooking the "Juand de Fuca Strait" (or "the strait") for a few years and will be residing in that area again temporarily again starting next month. We love the views, the greenery, the islands, the semi-isolated life of the Olympic Peninsula, and also the very good sea glass collecting grounds in the area (see Sea Glass - Ediz Hook, Port Angeles, WA).

A ferry boat ride across the sometimes uneasy strait will bring you to Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada, a very picturesque small city that is well worth a few days' or at least one full day's visit to sightsee and thoroughly enjoy oneself. The ferry takes vehicles; or, you may opt to cross on foot. Either way, you end up right in scenic Victoria.

Although we personally haven't had the chance to check the beaches around Victoria, sea glass is certain to be found, Victoria being exposed to the same traffic and wave action as the generous beaches on the south or States side of the strait.

We did get one report on sea glass next to the ferry terminal in Victoria, and you can check the 8 other mentions of sea glass on beaches on Vancouver island on our Sea Glass Canada - West Coast page.

~ Info added by David from Odyssey ~

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