Arranging the Finds - September 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Jim O'Connor
(San Bruno, CA)

Arranging the Finds - Sea Glass

Arranging the Finds - Sea Glass

~ by Jim O'Connor, San Bruno, CA

All of this glass was taken along the San Mateo County outer shore, during June and July with the usual daily fog bank and windy cool weather.

Summer in San Francisco.

The hard part is actually finding the amber glass on a foggy beach with no backlight.

The green pops out like a blinking light, but the amber looks like the rest of the pebbles on the beach, but with color inside.

This is just a snapshot of the wonders of the gather, assembled to the level of amusement.

We hope you are amused as well.

~ by Jim O'Connor, San Bruno, CA

Map of San Mateo County Coastline:

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Added Info on San Mateo Coast Sea Glass areas:

San Mateo County covers most of the San Francisco Peninsula and reaches across the Peninsula from the Pacific Ocean to the San Francisco Bay.

The Pacific Coast of San Mateo County contains a number of beaches that offer sea glass hunters opportunities from some good times.

Half Moon Bay and other spots along the coast have given up some good glass.

However, since much of the coastline is subject to open ocean swells, there is a lot of sand moving around. As a result, sometimes the sea glass is uncovered, at other times not.

A very picturesque coastline, this stretch of San Mateo County contains the tallest lighthouse on the West Coast at Pidgeion Point (tied with another lighthouse in Mendocino County).

Another notable lighthouse is a Point Montara. The iron structure forming most of the tower was actually a lighthouse on the East Coast of the USA before being disassembled and brought to this point.

The living quarters at both these lighthouses now are available as hostels for travelers.

There are good spots for surfing along the coast here but the water is pretty chilly. All in all, though, this is a highly recommended drive for you beach and scenery lovers!

~ Added by David (Assistant Glass Sorter, OdysseySeaGlass)

Recommended Hotes on the Pacific Coast of San Mateo:

sea glass san mateo coast hotels

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