Bald Eagle Encounter - Sea Glass Saga

by Adie
(Port Townsend, WA, Jefferson)

Bald Eagle Encounter - Sea Glass Saga

Bald Eagle Encounter - Sea Glass Saga

~ submittedby AddieJorquera, PortTownsend, Washington, USA 

Bald Eagle Encounter

It was a beautifulsummer day and we decided to take a long walk on North Beach, in PortTownsend.

 We could take our time walking to Glass Beach today, the tidewas low and sunset was not till around nine that night. 

Our Sea Glassingadventure started as soon as we left the parking lot,maybe ten minutes into the walk I look down and right at feet I see aYellow frosted glass marble. 

It had been really out to see for a while since most of the top layerof glass was gone so that you could see the Cat eye inside of themarble perfectly.

 It will make a beautiful pendant someday I thought.  

As we walked I noticedthat there were large pieces of glass already showing up and we werenot  even close to half way to Glass Beach yet.

 I found a large yellow, pink and purple, so I knew reachingthe point would bring even more beautiful glass. 

It took us about an hour to reach Glass Beach we decided to sit andhave our lunch and then start hunting for glass.


Mynine year old had found her perfect place among the sea creatures thatwere exposed in all the tide pools. 

She was fixated on watching the crabs, fish and mostly the sea starsjust
are in their natural environment. 

She can sit for hours and just watch their habitats. 

It’s funny because my daughter has so much energy that an eight milehike barely taps into her energy for the day. 

It’s amazing to watch her just sit for hours and just be part of nature.


My husband and I meanwhile weresearching for more gems along the beach.  Thetide that day was a -1 approximately. 

As we were relaxing and just enjoying our walk on the beach we bothheard a screech above us and both looked up to see what was making thatnoise. 

It was an amazing sitethree Bald Eagles flew overhead and landed a few yards away. 

As we walked some more we noticed that they had built a nestthere. 

We decided to just sit and dig for glass on the rocky shore, and watchthe Bald Eagles fly overhead all day.  It was anfantastic day and we have experienced many more at North Beach in PortTownsend.

In the above photo are some of our finds at Glass Beach over the years- Oranges, Reds, Marbles, Yellows, and Aqua’s were among our bestfinds.

~ submitted by Adie,owner of - Better Properties Port

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