Beach Glass Mystery

by Roger

Beach Glass Mystery

Beach Glass Mystery

~ sea glass photos submitted by Roger, Wisconsin USA

Mar 26 2017 - Beach Glass Mystery?


I live in Sheboygan, Wi. and my wife and I frequently search for beach glass along Lake Michigan. 

I found these two pieces, about a year apart and 2-3 miles apart.

I was just wondering why they would already have holes in them.

Any ideas?

Thank you for your time.

~ sea glass photos submitted by Roger, Wisconsin USA

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Comments for Beach Glass Mystery

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Sea glass
by: Marge

I have scoured the beaches in Sheboygan Wi and have NEVER found anything resembling sea glass. Please let me know where these pieces were found

Beach glass mystery
by: Anonymous

Looks like they might have been some sort of worn down buttons from many years ago! My guess.

Possibly Old Buttons?
by: Linda

They look as if they could have been buttons.

by: Kim

I was always told any seashell, rock, or beach glass that has a hole in it is a portal for faeries to travel into & out of our world. ;)

by: Gaye R

I drilled pieces of sea glass to make a bracelet. They looked similar.

Chandelier pieces
by: Selkie's Sea Glass

These look like the joining pieces from a chandelier.

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