Beach pottery shard - advice on finding the remaining ?

by LHS
(Papua province, Indonesia)

I've come upon a beautiful shard with markings that indicate it is from 1883 - 1890 (P Regout & Co, Maastricht).

The shard was in shallow water on a narrow beach near a densely jungled shoreline, lots of large, thick, tangled roots in which shells are often caught.

Nearby, in the shallows I have also come upon what I believe is part of the base of an old bottle.

The pottery shard, unlike most in my collection, is extremely clean and smooth - possibly the cleanest pc I've found, and certainly the first that I have been able to date with some assurance.

I am very excited to go back to that spot at low tide, but I'd love to hear any advice about the possibility of finding more pieces that are similar(if it is in fact possible at all).

I'm just a bumbling amateur who can't stop collecting, please excuse me if any questions below are silly, I'd love to hear any thoughts from anyone.

How could such an old piece be so smooth, when most of the shard / old bottle glass I find are very very weathered?
Does such a clean piece indicate a cache nearby, somewhere sheltered?
Does it indicate that perhaps the shard came from shore, and was washed into the shallows; would I do well to search about on the sandy jungle shore, amidst the tree roots?
Or should I get out the scuba gear and look deeper, beyond the shelf of fringing reef?

Thank you in advance

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