Belfast, Maine Sea Glass

by Kris
(Belfast, Maine USA)

Little Piece of ME - Belfast, Maine Sea Glass

Little Piece of ME - Belfast, Maine Sea Glass

Belfast, Maine Sea Glass

Little Piece of ME - where the ME stands for Maine


She Sells Sea Glass Hobart Tasmania Australia

Sea Glass handmade jewelry, home decor items, key chains, souvenirs, and party favors.

All made with genuine, handpicked sea glass.

Also know as ocean glass, beach glass and mermaid’s tears, you can be sure of your purchase of sea glass from us in Belfast, Maine.

Maine Sea Glass

She Sells Sea Glass Hobart Tasmania Australia

Living in Belfast, Maine is a treat. I go down sea glass hunting all year round with my kids. We love the hunt and have found many good and even rare pieces.

In the summer we go to Prince Edward Island, Canada where my grandfather is from. Of course we go sea glass hunting there every day.

In P.E.I. , they call sea glass Mermaids Tears and it more resembles tears than the pieces found in Maine.

Products and Services

She Sells Sea Glass Hobart Tasmania Australia

I love to be different so in my online store, you will find sea glass mosaic jewelry, wearable art available from Belfast, Maine.

And sea glass pieces embellished with photos that I have taken.

Sea glass and beach pottery are great mediums to work with. And sea glass is eco-friendly! Items made with sea glass are up-cycled!

Looking for the perfect Belfast, Maine beach theme favors for your wedding or event?

  • Sea glass is perfect!

What better than
something your guests would purchase as souvenirs for themselves!

  • Sea Glass keychains, bookmarks, magnets are all great favors!

Want to DIY favors?

There are so many things you can do with sea glass from Belfast, Maine.

  • Search for sea glass crafts and you will find many easy to make crafts that will look spectacular.

  • Just be sure to purchase genuine sea glass, not the imitation glass sold at most craft stores.

  • Genuine sea glass actually has a sparkle to it that craft glass does not.

I also sell items made with beach pebbles and minerals.

  • Milky quartz is a beautiful mineral often found along the shore. 

Wishing stones are another thing we hunt for.

  • A wishing stone is a stone that has a ring, usually of quartz, that makes a complete circle around the stone. It is thought to bring good luck and fortune to the owner.

Happy hunting!


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Contact Info

Kris- Little Piece of ME

Email: .littlepieceofME(at)


Belfast, Maine Sea Glass

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