Best tide for sea glass hunting?

by Anonymous

Best Tide for Sea Glass?

Best Tide for Sea Glass?

Anonymous asks:

Is high or low tide best for sea glass hunting?

Our answer:

Low tide is the best time to search for sea glass. Why?

First, there is a lot more beach exposed at low tide than at high tide.

Second, the area between high and low tide is "shuffled" each time the tide goes in a out, turning up things that weren't there the day before. At high tide, the beach area that is exposed has not been "shuffled" for quite a while. It likely been searched many times by others if you are at a beach where there are other sea glassers.

Third, some beaches seem to keep the glass at the low tide line, perhaps because that is the lowest point that the waves and tide are "dragging down" the glass.

Another important thing to think about regarding safety: Some narrow beaches can be dangerous at high tide if backed by cliffs. With an incoming tide you might get trapped.

You should always check the local tides before you start hunting. Of course this is not going to matter much on the Great Lakes or on some other beaches where there is not much variation in tides.

But on the coasts of all major oceans you should be aware of tide changes. Get the local information if you've never been there before.

The best time to start your hunt is while the tide is going out (dropping). This gives you 4 or more hours of good search conditions.

There is nothing wrong with searching at high tide, of course, as long as there is no danger involved.

Beach glass can be found at many beaches above the high tide mark. In general, though, you will always have a better hunt when there is more beach exposed. That's at low tide.

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Nov 28, 2020
Sound Advice
by: Scott L. Royal

Excellent advice guys. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us Newbies. If you ever go to Crater of Diamonds State park in AK give me a jingle and I'll return the informational favor.

Aug 27, 2016
Good additional comment
by: David & Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

Thanks for adding that Pete.

As Pete says, don't overlook any area. We also have found some great sea glass above the high tide mark.

It seems that some of the oldest (thick with bubbles in the glass) has been up almost in the scrub bushes behind the beach.

Aug 21, 2016
Above the wrack line
by: Pete Suchon

I usually go out at low tide just because there is so much more exposed beach to explore. That being said though, my best finds are usually above the wrack line (high tide debris) in tangles of driftwood or pockets of gravel.

I think the glass gets washed up that high during the winter storms and gets marooned because the water doesn't get high enough to wash it back out.

Your experience may be different but try checking out pockets of stones or under logs high up on the beach. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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