Black Clay Beach Object?

by Carol Judd
(Vernal, Utah)

Wide end - Black Clay Beach Object?

Wide end - Black Clay Beach Object?

Black and gray clay found object at Sandy Point Beach Maryland. April 14, 2016. Early morning.

1/4 across tip

1. 1/8 inch long

Wide area is about 7/8 inch

Has small very perfect hole in tip.

Tube runs from top area down tthru the tip and is very uniform in formation.

Photos shown with small light pointed at tip end to show the tube.

Seems to be a very fine grained good quality clay. Uniform.

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May 07, 2022
Responding to Hidden treasure
by: Anonymous

You say you heard a lecturer talk about how pirates would hide their gems in clay bricks….
I hate to break it to you, but this is an old wives tail, and it is a story published in 1959 in a book of short stories called, "Strangely Enough". The book also recounts ghost stories and other phenomena which, depending on one’s pov, is great entertainment (or campfire fodder), or perhaps true but unprovable lore.

May 01, 2016
Hidden treasure?
by: Anonymous

Just heard a lecture yesterday mentioning that pirates would hide gems inside of clay bricks and stash them in caves. The lecturer said he heard of a man who found a handful of clay balls on an east coast beach. Not knowing what they were, he tossed them into the water as he walked the shoreline. When he got home from his trip, he found one clay ball remained in his pocket so he kept it. Years later, someone told him of the Pirates practice of hiding treasures in clay so he went home and cracked it open to find a beautiful sapphire inside! Wonder what he threw back?

Apr 30, 2016
Part of a pipe?
by: David and Lin at Odyssey

Lots and lots of clay pipes were used in the past and many were broken and thrown away. We can't be positive, though. What do you think?

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