Dark Olive Or Black Sea Glass?

by Karen C.

Dark Olive Or Black Sea Glass?

Dark Olive Or Black Sea Glass?

I found this piece of sea glass that I believe is dark olive on the Beach at Fort Story on the Chesapeake Bay in VA. on December 28th of 2015.

It was sunny, light breeze, Temp. was around 70 degrees!

It is beautifully frosted.

I have done some research on this piece and believe it to be from around the turn of the century...late 1800's to early 1900's.

It is approximately 2-3cm in thickness and is curved.

According to the research that I did, it is possibly a shard from an ink well, or a shard from a spring water bottle.

Any help with identification of this shard, the color, and the age, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Hunting Always!

Karen C.


Thanks to all who helped with the identification and info on the dark olive piece of glass I found at Ft. Story off the Chesapeake in VA.

It is now wrapped in silver and will be sent to the gallery in VA that sells some of our "wearable art."

The description, and history of the piece will go along as well so that the new owner knows that they are wearing a special piece of time...


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Comments for Dark Olive Or Black Sea Glass?

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Jan 05, 2016
Dark Olive
by: David & Lin

Hi Karen,

It's not always easy to tell from a photo but we agree that it doesn't look dark enough to be considered "black glass."

On the other hand, it is a nice unusual olivey color.

Our best guess is a wine bottle. However, many other bottles were produced in that general color, so it's not possible to tell without some other markings.

It does look like the curvature is too broad for an ink bottle or medicine bottle.

As far as age goes, we won't venture to guess.

Happy hunting!

David and Lin @ Odysseyseaglass.com

Jan 04, 2016
Thanks to All For Your Help...more comments welcome....David or Lin it Would be An Honor!
by: Karen C.

Thank you to you both for your help with the i.d. of my sea glass shard. Any other comments or identification help are most welcome! And, David or Lin, it would be an honor to have your input as well!

Happy Hunting Always!

Karen C.

Jan 03, 2016
Dark Olive or Black Sea Glass?
by: Adele Price

Very nice piece! Unfortunately I am no expert having only recently started seaglass hunting. I would say it is not black though from other pics I've seen. So possibly dark olive.

Jan 02, 2016
by: Selkie's Sea Glass

Very nice shard! Black glass is generally darker than this when viewed without any back lighting. However, I do think you have a piece with some age to it. Dark glass generally held poison, or medicine, something that could br affected by the light.

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