Darkest black from a Canadian Lake

by Susan
(Hiawatha, Ontario Canada )

Darkest black and Sparkling. Blues!

Darkest black and Sparkling. Blues!

Where was this photo taken?

Taken on my deck,overlooking the North shore of Rice Lake in Keene, Ontario (near Peterborough)...

Weather and time of day?

October, 2017,mid afternoon, sunny fall weather

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?

My feelings were that I have found three pieces of the darkest, thickest black glass in a lake that has only seen European settlers since the mid 1700’s when they visited a fur trading post at the mouth of the Otonabee River as it meets Rice Lake....this lake has no tide, just wind gusts during storms and winter ice movement is what brings things to shore....

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use? 

I used my iPad. In natural,light.

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