Discretion! Secret sea glass beaches?

I was quite aggravated that I couldn't find any information on a beach that was semi-secret two and a half hour's drive from me.

Why bother telling me it exists if there's not going to be any further information?

It turns out this beach is a little tricky, the tides have to be right, etc. I could have wasted time and burned fuel for nothing.

And how much of a threat am I - it's not like I can drive that every day, or every week, or even every month! So there's less glass to go around - do you realize we're restoring the beach to it's natural state?

I eventually worked it out, and freely share with others. The locals might resent that, but you know what - I spend money in that sleepy little town after a hard day's glassing. Who could complain about that?

That said, there is one tiny, tiny, tiny beach closer to home that's not much more than a place to land a kayak.

Property owners nearby are very concerned about some proposed new laws that could limit their privacy, their property rights, and lower their property values. They have always been very nice to me, but I'm just one collector.

So I don't divulge this beach simply because of all the city hall meetings these people are attending in order to fight for what they paid mortgages for, what they continue to pay taxes for - a small, close-knit community untroubled by the problems of similar neighborhoods with more public beach access.

I have permission from one landowner, but imagine the impact of more collectors who don't know, or don't care, where the boundaries are. That privilege would not be extended to anyone again!

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Aug 06, 2010
Use Discretion, Patience, and Understanding
by: David and Lin Schneider

I don't comment a lot because I find you viewers usually have already said it!

In this case, though, the problem of communication purely through the written media might be at fault.

When we are face to face with a person, we can see if they are ranting, smiling, tired, joking, nervous, etc. Online, we don't know what that person's emotional state is or even if they are might be saying something with a smile just to get a rise out of someone. Maybe they were having a bad hair day, something we all go through.

So we need to take it easy and let things slide.

That being said, I did notice in the original post a lot of blanks also. Maybe the original poster could answer some questions? Hopefully.

What was the beach you were looking for information on? Did you try searching this site? You might ask in the questions page the next time and will probably get some good answers.

Happy hunting to all and to all... a good night!

Aug 06, 2010
Pointless complaints
by: katred

I had to take a moment to comment on this post. The people who write/publish and share this website/blog and newsletter with us do so out of the kindness of their hearts. Not one of us pays for it. They kindly put together something that like minded people can enjoy. That said they don't control what others post. Yes, it is frustrating when you read about a beach that you want to visit, but the name and location are not included, but oh well! That is part of the hunt. Complaining and whining about someone not disclosing the location of their beach is to say the least, immature. Then to go ahead and do EXACTLY the same thing you yourself just moaned about about, well I can't even think of a word for that! What I want to say is this. Treat others and you would want others to treat you. Thank you to the publishers of the newsletter, I always enjoy seeing it in my inbox!

Aug 05, 2010
too discrete
by: pete

Your rant is so discrete that, in addition to not posting your name, you didn't even post what state you live in.

All beach reviews on this site are submitted by people like you. If there is a beach near you that hasn't been adequately described then by all means write it up and let other people know about it.

Stamping your feet and pouting about someone not posting about a beach and then bragging about having your own little "secret" honey-hole is a little self-serving too. And despite what those property owners you are trying to protect may tell you chances are their state beach=front laws only limit their "ownership" to land above the mean high water mark, anything else is most likely in public domain.

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