Flashed and Stained Sea Glass Donations!

by David Schneider - editor
(Bow, WA)

About two weeks ago, we received the above gift from Matt, my oldest son, and Moya. They have lived in California and now Kauai for a number of years and have accumulated a large collection of beautiful and rare sea glass.

Some of the pieces included are:

On top, the pale violet-red and goldenrod colored glass is a type of glass that is called "stained" glass. The process probably used here refers to painting a metallic salt on the glass and refiring it to produce the vivid colors.

In the upper left, the white with a green design was probably produced by a process in which a molten colored powdered glass was "painted" on the surface of other glass while being blown.

The glass with layers or laminations of different colors is known as "flashed" glass, which is blown in one color, then dipped in one or more colors, and may contain many layers.

This glass was all collected on various beaches by Matt and Moya over the years and is a valued addition the Odyssey Sea Glass Collection.

Matt has said that he will be sending photos sometime of other pieces of their vast collection of sea glass, including iridescent and Opaline sea glass.

Thanks, Matt and Moya!

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by: Rachel

I have found a couple of other great glass places here in WA. How can I post them?

Hi Rachel,

You can post them in several ways. The best is to go to "Beaches" and enter as many details as you can. Think of what you would want to know if you were reading someone else's post about a beach. You can upload a photo there, too.

Another way is to go to the page that lists the beaches in your region, ie, "Best Beaches" and click on one of the "Add a Beach" buttons.

Or you can post on this same page above.

David (editor)

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