Front Beach, Long Island, NY?

I read on this site about a beach call "Front Beach, Long Island, New York."

I have never heard of it... does anyone know where this is?


Are you sure it was on Odyssey Sea Glass? I just searched this site and didn't find any mention here.

However, perhaps it's there somewhere. If you can find it please let us know.

If I don't hear anything more on this unidentified beach in a few days, I'll go ahead and delete this page.

Happy hunting!

David from

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Jun 05, 2018
Front Beach, CT
by: Anonymous

There’s no beach by that name on Long Island that I am aware of but there is one across the sound in Connecticut called Front Beach (perhaps they were referring to Long Island Sound)

Jun 05, 2017
Beach locations
by: Anonymous

I live on Long Island and I never heard Front Beach. I tried to google it without results.

While on topic the name of the other beach noted on L.I. is just Smith Point, not Smith's Point.

All park information and paper pamphlets says Smith Point.

As long as there is a beach I'm good with that.


Thanks for the tip, Anon. We don't have any idea ourselves where Front Beach either, see comment above :)

David and Lin

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