"Glass And Light" - October 2017 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Andrew Davidson
(Nova Scotia Canada)

Beach Treasure At Home

Beach Treasure At Home

Digby County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Weather and time of day?

Late afternoon,........sunny and hot

What were your feelings or impressions when taking this photo?

After a long day of beach combing it is always relaxing to go through your pieces and find the best ones,.....and just wonder where they came from, How did they get where they were?

After having collected the pieces I liked and arranging them in the light, the depth and color of the glass truly amazed me.

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use?

Samsung digital.

What tips do you have for taking good photos of sea glass?

Use light to highlight your finds and lay them on window pane glass to take pics from below.

~ sea glass by Andrew Davidson, Digby, Nova Scotia

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