Good Enough to Eat! - June 2014 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Jane Brannan
(Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland)

Good Enough to Eat!

Good Enough to Eat!

 ~ sea glass photo submitted by Jane Brannan in Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland

Collection from Cowal Peninsula, Scotland

 I have only recently discovered the pleasure of Sea Glass collection, and can be found most days walking along my local beaches here on the Cowal Peninsula, West Coast of Scotland.

This collection has taken ages to find and they are all quite small but very beautiful...

They are all pretty rare for this area and I can't believe how lucky I am to have them!

I waited for a lovely sunny morning to photograph them (limited here in Scotland !), then sprayed them with water and stacked them on the hand rail of my balcony...

You don't need a fancy camera, I just have a little pocket sized Sony, that I find easy to take with me when I'm walking, or other times I use my iphone... both produce great photos'..

~ submitted by Jane Brannan in Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland

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