Happisburgh, Norfolk

by Julie Butler
(Cambridgeshire, UK)

The treasure haul

The treasure haul

Name of the Beach

City nearest to that beach.

The state, country, or island where the beach is.

Norfolk, East Anglia UK

Describe your find; for example, approximately how many pieces you found, unusual colors, and whether they were well-rounded and frosted or if they had sharp edges.

Handful of glass pieces with various degrees of frosting and edge roundness. Those with newer edges left on the beach for another day. Largest piece about 6cm at it's widest point. Mainly white glass with some in various green shades. Pale green piece that resembled a glass baseball cap and a little red gem that was thought to be a melted jelly baby at first but has a great detail of face and legs. This was an hour of beachcombing.

Add any other suggestions or cautions that will help others. For example, is it dangerous at high tide, are there large rocks that make hiking difficult, are dogs allowed, is it a private beach, is there a trick to finding the beach, and any other useful or interesting information.

Finds are better after high tide or storm. Beach is accessible via a steep sand slope that often gets washed away after rough weather making access impossible. Coastal erosion a big issue and there are remains of metal coastal defence attempts that are a hazard for injury. Cliffs prone to sudden landslide. Beach renowned for fossils. Dogs welcome all year round. Car park charges and toilet. Small cafe kiosk offering hot drinks, cakes and burgers during summer season.

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