Hutchinson Island Florida Sea Glass?

Hutchinson Island Sea Glass

Hutchinson Island Sea Glass

September 2010 - Question from Anonymous

Does anyone know if there is sea glass found on Hutchinson Island Florida?

June 2017 Response from Debra

The sea glass in the photo above was found on Hutchison Island Beach, FL a few years ago.

My sea glass collection along with memories of those days are very precious to me.

~ Debra Pounds

PS - Thank you David and Lin for the newsletter.

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Comments for Hutchinson Island Florida Sea Glass?

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Jun 07, 2012
Found a piece
by: Anonymous

I was walking along Hutchingson Island beach (around the Miramar condos) and found a rectangle piece!!

I was so excited! It is probably a very common one, but still exciting.

It was clear frosted and has a faint circle and embossed on it.

Now I am determined to find more!! :)

Good luck!

Sep 20, 2010
Hutchinson Island
by: Vanessa

I went looking around bath tub beach about a month ago and didn't find much. Just 3 small brown pieces near the inlet.

Sep 19, 2010
Hutchinson Island, Florida
by: Diane

I have found some but not that many. A lot of pieces are hidden in between the rocks and boulders where the tide washes in and out. You never know what you will find, the Treasure Coast is just as the name implies. Good luck...

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