Identification of Sea Pottery?

by Matthew
(Rhode Island)

Big Piece of Beach Pottery

Big Piece of Beach Pottery


I found a big piece of sea pottery on the beach yesterday, and I was just wondering about the time period this piece may have come from.

Thank you for the help,



Hi Matthew,

Here is a highly-recommended book on identifying blue and white pottery. It comes in 2 volumes:

Dictionary of Blue & White Printed Pottery 1780-1880

Unfortunately, it only covers pottery before 1880. 

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Sep 14, 2018
I found some assorted sea pottery in Adra Spain
by: Emma

I found a few pieces of assorted sea pottery in Adra Spain in may of 2018. Any idea how old it might be? They range from white to almost any other color, some have patterns of stripes in multiple colors against a gray background or are floral patterned. I was thinking maybe around 80 years, but I'm not sure. The texture used to be glazed and smooth, but now most of them lost their color and have been turned back into rough clay.

Aug 29, 2016
Identification of seabpottery
by: Anonymous

Hello Matthew

We're you able to identify your piece?

It is VERY nice!


Aug 20, 2016
Perfect Pottery Pleasure
by: Marylyn


What an incredible find. I bet when you saw it you were stunned.

Well done and I hope you get to identify just where it came from etc.

Love to hear if you do.


Marylyn (Australia)


Hi Marylyn!

It's nice to see your comments here. How are things in the other Down Under?

David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

PS to all: We recommend you take a look at Marylyn's beautiful website on Melbourne, Australia -

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