I'm new at this, but...

by Murrah
(Valley Village, CA)

Hi, I'm Murrah, an artist and packrat who recently got interested in sea-glass. I've been making fun "primitive" and fine jewelry with the stuff, and I have to say I really enjoy this material. Beginners like me are nearly S.O.L when it comes to finding places to hunt, since I don't even know where to start (other than on a beach, of course)! :P

I've actually had a small collection I'd started years ago on the beaches of Lake Winnipeg, but have since added more from the beaches near Santa Monica. Yeah, I'm a transplanted Canuck. :) So far, no very rare colours other than some lovely aquamarine shades (most of my finds have been white or green, some beer-glass brown). I've been lucky enough to find that bizarre shade of green that might floresce under a blacklight- but I haven't been able to test them, yet.

Only recently have I gotten serious in my jewelry designs and sea-glass was perfect, along with all those lovely, smoothed pebbles I love so much.

As for "secret" beaches, I'm hoping to learn good places to do my hunting and if they're near the spots my husband and I like to camp, then even better! :) I hope that folks would be willing to let others know where they can find fun bits, but I also understand how this resource is somewhat limited, since we don't dump our trash into the sea anymore (at least, I hope we don't!).

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