Its a dogs life....Or so I thought

by Misha Seaglassdog
(England Essex)

Oh!!  Parents can be funny creatures, especially the 2 legged kind. I thought my life was about going down the local park for "walkies"; Isn't that a heavenly word...gets me all excited and uncontrollable.

One day last year he took me down the beach.......Wow that was fun! Running in and out of the water, getting wet, and playing one of my favourite games...Fetch the stick!!  I didn't realise there was so much wood there.

While I was legging it up and down the beach I could see Dad stooped over a pile of pebbles *rummaging* around... I thought he was having a silly moment, but then I guess it was OK, I`m often doing the same with my toy box back at home.

Well I'm not sure what he found, he held this piece of stuff in his hand, Great I thought he`s going to throw it for me he was tossing it up and down in his hand as if he was going to throw it...I got all excited, yes...yes... "throw it I thought"and was "wagging" my tail.... Noooooooo he put it in his pocket!!!! I was gutted he didn't throw it for me..... Noooooooo He`s calling me over looks like I'm going home ....Yup I just heard the "click" of the lead on my collar.

I will let you know what happened next. When Dad isn't around...

Misha x

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