July 5, 2011 Grant Park Beach So. Mil. WI Sea Glass

by Rick
(Racine, Wisconsin)

July 4th  My Best Finds!

July 4th My Best Finds!

I was feeling a little blue on July 4th so I went to the beach in Grant Park area South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In just a few minutes I started finding pieces and my mood improved greatly. This was for sure my best find since I started collecting just a few months ago.

I found 168-pieces total. I found 2 marbles, a very pretty red piece, 5-large cobalt blue pcs., a piece with wire in it, and one ceramic piece.

I picked up lots of green, white, and some brown as well.

Almost all of the pieces are nicely frosted which is what I like.

I also found a piece that has a slight purple cast to it.

I just love those marbles!

What a great hobby. I hope you enjoy the picture. Happy Hunting.

Map of Grant Park Shoreline:

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Added info:

If you live in Milwaukee, you may be familiar with the Lake Michigan beachfront at Grant Park Beach in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Being on Lake Michigan, the beach is exposed to a long reach of water that allows the breezes (winds if you will) to create nice waves, constantly tumbling the pebbles and debris (good stuff to us) at the water's edge.

The park stretches north to south along the western coast of Lake Michigan. The beach itself is nicely buffered by the park from the city and covers a long stretch of shoreline. From the south end of the park to the north end is a walk of perhaps a mile, but the beach can be walked much further than that with no problem.

If the weather is hot, in late summer the water is refreshing (chilly). When it is cold and windy, the water is...ice.

In the summer, the nicest weather at the beach brings out a small crowd of local tan-addicts (not griping - hey, I'm a tanatic myself!). But, although never really crowded, the beach is best if you go either before or after the summer rush - the most enjoyable time to look for beach glass and other finds.

In the winter, the park is only open certain hours, so the drive into the park might be closed. Don't worry, you can easily access the beach from the South Milwaukee Yacht Club.

~ Added by David of Odyssey Sea Glass ~

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