June 10, 2015 Sea Glass Southern Peninsula of Spain

by Jessica Musgrove
(Southern Spain. Bay of Cadiz)

Spain sea glass, Bay of Cadiz  (Cadiz Province)

Spain sea glass, Bay of Cadiz (Cadiz Province)

~ sea glass catch submitted by Jessica Musgrove in Southern Spain - Bay of Cadiz

Sea Glass

Southern Spain. Bay of Cadiz - This was between Rota beach, El Puerto de Santa Maria Beach, and Puerto Sherry.

Hi, I live in the province of Cadiz, Spain.

I am an avid collector, basically every day.

Just wondering how rare it is to find these "not so easy to finds" where I live because I have every one of those colors ; about 400 in Grade A condition.

I have the deep indigo, I've found several Yellows that are tops of bottles. Here, cobalt and red are rare. This  is what I collected in 4 hours..... any ideas on what is and is not rare?

To the right of the whites, are 2 greyish lavender tinted colors, and farthest to the right, the 3 browns at the top are bottoms of bottles with a month and year, it says 05/ 88.......also the ones on the right are browns from darkest to lightest, but how can I tell if they are in an orange category?

Map of Cadiz and beaches:

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~ sea glass catch submitted by Jessica Musgrove in Southern Spain - Bay of Cadiz

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Comments for June 10, 2015 Sea Glass Southern Peninsula of Spain

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Feb 12, 2019
Thank you Barbara :)
by: Patti

I was so happy to read your msg.
I will have about 6 or 7 hours there and sure hope my luck in finding sea glass is as good as yours and Jessica's!
You have no idea how much I need this.

Feb 10, 2019
by: Barbara

I was in Cadiz off a cruise ship for only a few hours, but founds over 100 pieces in Bout a half hour.

No one else seemed to be collecting and we even asked a local if it was legal to take. She assured us that it was fine. I wish I had had more time because there was so much glass!

Feb 09, 2019
Thanks Jessicca!!!
by: Patti

Hi Jessica,
Thanks so very much for this wealth of info. I can't wait to visit your beach on April 4th! While my husband has a day of business meetings about 2 hours from Cadiz I plan to come down by myself to sea glass hunt. Hope it turns out to be a good day for beach walking.
Thank again! :)

Feb 03, 2019
by: Jessica Musgrove

Hi Patti,

I love this entire coast and can say that from Rota to El Puerto, all along that coast, you can find many treasures.

Make sure you time it around low tide and IF you can make it as far as Puerto Sherry, you will not regret it.

There are very tall rocks that you can walk up and around and through when the tide is low and honestly, sometimes, I was not able to finish that strip of the beach (which is not very big) before the tide came back in. My favorite place for deep teal and turquoise, hands down.

Do not underestimate the power of mother nature, there is plenty up and through the dryer areas too.

In Cadiz, I walked until I couldn't walk anymore and I'm convinced that everything down in that region, you don't have to hunt too hard, you will see it! It's the most fantastic sea glass experience I've ever had, just the variety, lots of browns, amber and greens but I have found a few UV pieces that just made it that much more worth it.

On the naval base, that have some private beaches but I have found CHUNKS of perfectly frosted LAVENDER and had to push my friend out of the way to get to it before she did! I mean she's great, but it was her first time and I just could NOT let her get that :D ….. Anyway, all of it.

Hit it at low tide (about an hour before best to be near the area and looking around)


Feb 03, 2019
Planning to Visit Cadiz in search of Seaglass
by: Patti

Hi - I am from Texas and plan to visit Cadiz for just the day (1 day) in early April via a bus ride from Ubrique. Could you let me know the best place to hunt for sea glass for just several hours?
After losing my precious daughter 16 months ago....this seems to help a little.
Thanks so much,
Patti Martin

Aug 27, 2015
Nice collection!!!
by: David and Lin from OdysseySeaGlass

Hi Jessica, nice collection!!!

However, only a few of the sea glass pieces you show appear to be of jewelry grade.

Be sure to compare it to the photos on our pages of grades of sea glass: https://www.odysseyseaglass.com/grade-sea-glass.html.

As far as orange color compared to amber - orange should immediately look orange. We have found that if we wonder if it is orange, it really is not a true orange :)

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