Know of any Sea Glass Books?

I was just wondering if anyone knows of any books on collecting sea glass?

I have LaMotte's book on sea glass and it is GREAT, but I have had it for awhile and am wanting to get more books.

If you know of any, like telling how to get started and photos and stuff about where to go and what to do with your sea glass, please comment below.

Thank you.


Editor's comment:

That's a good question! If any of you viewers have suggestions, we would like to hear!


Comments for Know of any Sea Glass Books?

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New 'Sea Glass' Book for Kids NEW
by: Rebecca Fraser

I'm delighted to introduce my latest novel for a 7-12 year old readership.

'Sea Glass (released 1 March 2023) through Wombat Books.

When eleven-year-old Cailin’s mother takes a contract job on Victoria’s eastern coast, Cailin’s holiday plans are ruined. Worse, they’re staying at her estranged grandfather’s shack at Whitefoam Cove. Cailin barely remembers him, let alone knows him.

Grandpa doesn’t have Wi-Fi, and his television is older than him. Memories of her father are everywhere and, to make matters worse, she’s left her cricket bat at home. How will she make the team now? And how will she keep in touch with her best friend, Josie? It’s going to be the worst summer ever.

But life with Grandpa proves to be anything but boring. There’s treasure to be found at Whitefoam Cove! But just when cricket-mad Cailin and Grandpa finally feel like they’re making a connection, disaster strikes…and Cailin knows it’s all her fault.

Sea Glass is a coming-of-age family drama for readers aged 7-12 that explores how, despite difference and disaster, a generational gap is bridged.

This contemporary Australian middle grade novel celebrates the importance of family and environment…and proves you’re never too old to go treasure hunting.

It can be ordered here:

Lovely children's book
by: Bridget

Sea Glass Summer is a wonderful children's book about a little girl who collects sea glass with her Gram.

Molly loves searching for sea glass at Gram's cottage. Each morning after breakfast and tea, they wander the beach together, searching under driftwood, between pebbles and in the surf for these ocean treasures.

That is, until the day the moving truck comes.

Suddenly Molly finds herself spending autumn, winter and spring in a faraway city.

When a surprise parcel arrives from Gram, Molly wishes with all her might for another sea glass summer. Will her wish come true?

Beautiful story. Canadian author.

sea glass summer children's books

Sea Glass Books
by: Donna from Cape May

A Passion for Sea Glass by C.S.Lambert;

Sea Glass Chronicles Whispers From The Past Sea Glass Chronicles by C.S.Lambert
Both show beautiful beach glass.

I first borrowed them from my library but had to add them to my book collection.

I also have a children's book called The Story of the Sea Glass by Anne Wescott Dodd which is wonderful!

Sea Glass Book
by: Anonymous

There is a very nice small photo book out
Sea Glass A Photographic Journey, by Christeena Hockin-Minopetros.
She creates awsome jewelry as well

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