Lake Erie - beach unknown

by Christopher Busta-Peck
(Cleveland, Ohio)

~ beach glass photos submitted by Christopher Busta-Peck, Cleveland, Ohio

Beach Glass?

These three pieces of glass were collected at different times and places.

The two on the right were collected a beach years ago, probably a Lake Erie beach since we live in Cleveland but possibly at North Point State Park when we lived in Baltimore.

The one on the left was found in an empty lot that once housed a gas station among other things, across from a library branch in Cleveland.

They are purple and are button sized.

They appear to have the same hole in the center and we thought maybe they were some sort of tiny bit of insulator or actual buttons and the dividing piece between the button holes had worn away.

But perhaps wire passed through the center?

~ beach glass photos submitted by Christopher Busta-Peck, Cleveland, Ohio

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May 20, 2016
Light bulbs!!
by: Jennifer

They are from incandecessant light bulbs. I have found a few in RI. They are the insulating glass that was under the metal cuff part that screwed into a light socket. They come in different colors including red, purple & blue.

Apr 08, 2016
Lake Erie's Jewels!
by: Gwen

These deep purple pieces are abundant on Conneaut Township Park Beach, the G.E. Light plant was in that area and dumped offshore.

Everyone calls this black glass but if you hold in up to a light you can see the purple hue.

I live down in Columbus and when I make that trip to only get purple glass it's never a disappointment there is plenty for everyone!

Apr 04, 2016
Purple Glass Insulator
by: Anonymous

Hi Christopher,
I have found one of these in tact at the beach in Cape May NJ. It looked like a purple button but with no holes, just a small x indentation in the middle.

I a little research helped me to discover it was part of an old light bulb. They were some form of insulators found in the screw end of the bulb.

I believe these insulators were used up until the 1950s.

Love the purple color! Great find.


Apr 01, 2016
Almost sure they are insulators
by: David

Hi Christopher,

Interesting pieces! I'm almost sure they are old insulators of a type occasionally found on beaches and make a very good addition to a beach glass collection.

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