Long Beach, Washington Sea Glass and More

by Daniella Knight
(Long Beach, Washington, USA)

Darius Paradise Naturals & Oddities - Sea Glass and more

Darius Paradise Naturals & Oddities - Sea Glass and more

Ilwaco, Washington - Everything from Sea Glass to Chicken Coops

Darius Paradise Naturals & Oddities

A sole proprietorship that is truly a family business, Darius Paradise Naturals & Oddities has everything from sea glass to chicken coops! Any item can be reused/recycled at our home into a work of art, useful everyday product, or both.

 Beginning in Ilwaco, WA in 1914, my children and I started turning our art/shop projects into a way to share with people what innovation and imagination can do... for our environment, homes, financial stability; our independence and sustainability. 

We do not, however, claim to use Only recycled materials. Some things are necessary to be purchased new for the stability or life of our items. 

We hope to continue moving away from these habits and into natural means. As we grow, so will our impact on environmental rehabilitation.

 Every item at Darius Paradise Naturals & Oddities is hand-made and completely unique. 

We regularly check out the bay fronts, ditches/roadsides, and beaches near the Long Beach Peninsula to gather free, unwanted materials, some of which are considered just plain old garbage. 

After thorough cleaning, every piece begins to take on it's form and purpose. 

That's part of what we love about this new venture... being able to help out our earth and constantly creating a new, exciting piece of art or whatever it may be!

 Just to name a few things we make/have made... 

  • Sea Glass and Other Jewelry (Primarily Copper is used in the wrapping of our Sea Glass but we also use stainless and surgical steels, brass, and silver.)

  • Driftwood Art

  • Hair Accessories

  • Doll Wardrobes / Dress Up Boxes

  • Display Boxes For Crystals, Fossils, Bones, etc. (with or without lid/handle)

  • Chicken Coops and Rabbit Hutches (Small and Large w/ or w/o Run)

 Also, we deal in antiquities and will always be looking for vintage restoration projects, whether it be furniture, appliances, or architectural. 

Our webpage located at dariusparadise.wix.com/dariusparadise includes an "Antiques" page. 

In addition, I am a freelance photographer and writer. 

If you are in need of stock photos or even graduation and family photos, check out my "Photography" page on the link above.

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