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Menorca Beaches

Also known as Minorca, this beautiful island of the coast of Spain attracts tourists from all parts of the world.

Why? - The Mediterranean climate, the beautiful beaches, great accomodations, and smilng people among other attractions.

The following feature article was accomplished with our thanks to Philip Bromley at Menorca (Minorca)

Menorca or Minorca - they both relate to one of the jewels of the Mediteranean.

This small island, which the Romans named "minor," can be crossed east to west in an hour and north to south in 45 minutes.

Menorca Beaches: From its 200 beaches to its 3000 years of history, Menorca can accommodate most peoples' holiday plans.

The climate is Mediteranean with hot summers and mild winters.

The tourist season is relatively short, April to October, but there are scheduled flights direct from the UK all year round.

Similarly there is a regular schedule from Barcelonato Mahon. From Barcelona you can also catch the ferry to this magic isle.

For beachcombers they even have a special shoe, the Abarcas.

The Abarcas is more commonly called the Menorcan Sandal, and this intriguing footware is actually made on the island from recycled materials.

In 1993 Menorca became a Natural Park and the core area of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve.

The Reserve is diverse in character, including gullies, caves, and wetlands made up of ponds, lagoons and marshes.
Also included is a dunes system, coasts and islets, and some 220 species of birds and 1000 species of plants.

Fifteen years ago, the establishment of the Biosphere Reserve was a bold step, but it has protected Menorca from the worst excesses of mass tourism.

The island offers the possibility of seeing habitats that represent nearly all the Mediterranean regions in one small island.

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