My Little Helpers

by Cathy Kelly
(Baltimore, Maryland)



~ Submitted by Cathy Kelly - Baltimore, Maryland

I went to one of my usual spots to collect glass and there were two young boys playing on the beach.

I noticed that they were looking for flat stones and they were "skipping" stones.

The older of the two came up to me and asked me what I was looking for. 

I showed him the pieces of glass I'd collected and he said "I've seen some like that I'll get them for you" and off he ran. 

Well, before I knew it I had two of the sweetest helpers looking for sea glass. 

Of course I made sure that I kept my eye out for good flat stones for skipping.

When they came running up to me with their finds I'd give them a good skipping stone. 

It was probably one of the most enjoyable times I've had collecting glass.

I have attached a picture of the sea glass on that beach.

It's what I use to create many of my pieces of jewelry.

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